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Using a TENS Machine to Fight the Negativity of Depressive disorders

By Sam Carlson

First of all, I am not a doctor or even therapist. I just have invested most of my life learning from all of them, to undo the effects associated with major depression which I’ve had from childhood. If you suffer from depression, first speak to your medical professional to see what approach is best for a person. That is what I did, but I increase what I’ve learned by trying additional things by myself. Don’t do almost anything to yourself that’s potentially self-injurious, its smart to research any new technique or approach thoroughly, just to be safe. Whatever works for me personally may not work for you, we all have our personal ways of answering different remedies. I just know that not all my recovery originates from that which was learned at the doctor’s workplace. Being exceptionally strong-willed, my mission has primarily been to increase self-esteem, and fight those internal feelings associated with sadness that never go away (results of depression.) Here are some ways that possess helped me live a productive as well as successful existence, despite mental challenges.

6 months ago, it was necessary for me personally to go for physical therapy for a slipped disk in my back. The therapist connected me up to a small machine called a TENS unit, for just one of my personal treatments. Installed small, non-invasive tacky circles (electrodes) for my body requiring therapy and then turned the equipment on. It felt great, sort of like a massage. Depending upon how the counselor adjusted the dials, the equipment would make banging or pinging sensations on my back. There are also knobs to adjust the intensity of every sensation. After researching the TENS unit on the internet, I ordered a little one, about the size of decking of playing cards.

According to things i read about all of them, TENS machines are not only good for distracting the body into feeling good feelings rather than pain, but they can make your body create endorphins, or even feel-good chemicals, too. This fascinated me, because having depressive disorders, I’ll take all the feel-good something I can get (as long as it is both ethical and lawful.) So, I set up to check this upon myself and find out if there was any value to the theory. After years associated with taking numerous anti-depressants, some function more than others but none completely take away depression, in my experience. Not being a researcher or physician, I read on everything about the TENS device. There are rules that come combined with the machine, like not putting the electrodes around the head, neck or the heart areas. Make sure to follow these thoroughly. Individuals with pacemakers should not use TENS units, because it can interfere with the way they work. As with medications, ask your physician before utilizing one.

By placing the actual electrodes along my spine, as well as setting the TENS configurations to the suggested low rate of recurrence (pulse) levels. You want reduced muscle contraction, and to make use of the TENS for about 20 in order to 40 moments. If you set it for higher muscle contractions, parts of your muscles may ache later, and so i rely on what the experts state, to use it at reduced settings. For more detailed information, I found these sites helpful:

While using TENS unit has helped my overall feeling, it seems, as after utilizing it, my demeanor is calm and relaxed. Though I’m not sure if this is due to the machine by itself or not, but I believe that utilizing it has helped me personally. Combined with other treatments, this TENS therapy is assisting me (along with other techniques for decreasing depression) in making a more pleasant life. Go ahead and research TENS units online, and see if this is something suitable for you. In my point of view, it’s a viable way to help fight depression.

TENS machine is found not only helpful for body pains but could also be beneficial with negative emotions. Have your own and start experiencing it for yourself nd your family.

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